High-Level Forum on the Silver Economy on July 9-10, 2019

The Finnish Government and the Global Coalition on Aging will convene the first-ever High-Level Forum on the Silver Economy for government and business leaders this summer in Helsinki, Finland. The Forum is part of the official program of the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Longevity is the all-encompassing megatrend and success of the 21st century. Coupled with the parallel trend of declining birthrates, this resulting shift of more old than young across global society makes ageing truly transformational. A shift of this magnitude challenges business and government responses that shatter conventional thinking. Turning ageing into an asset for society cannot wait.

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The Forum Will:

  • Catalyse new thinking on opportunities of longevity and ageing worldwide
  • Move forward the global conversation about ageing to align and become synonymous with sustainable economic growth and progress
  • Showcase digital, biopharmaceutical, technological, business and policy models, derived from and for the Silver Economy
  • Bring together policy makers and businesses active in the Silver Economy to develop new approaches and policies to respond to the on-going demographic change
  • Stimulate new thinking on the impact of finance, technology, elder caregiving, and medicine on healthy and active ageing
  • Help map business strategies to create value for established companies and entrepreneurial ventures through the prism of the ageing lens

Ageing will shape structures of all societies. It will influence all sectors: financial services, insurance, transport, housing, social, health and wellbeing services, pharmaceuticals, technology and consumer products. While economic growth improves people’s wellbeing, the health of the population enhances economic growth and stability. This interdependence makes the Silver Economy a truly intersectoral issue.

While ageing creates opportunities it also poses profound macroeconomic challenges for both private and public sectors. What’s at stake is nothing less than nations’ fiscal sustainability and economic growth, businesses’ competitive success, and individual opportunities for health and wellbeing, quality of life, engagement and fulfilment as we age. Accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030 – the Forum calls us all to define the decade of the healthy ageing and provide innovative approaches and solutions for all.