Event Themes

Panels, presentations, multi-media content and demonstrations form the context within which multiple narratives, innovations and forward-thinking policies will be shared. The Forum will cover themes ranging from healthcare and homecare to technology and social innovations – all in the name of explaining the pervasive and undeniable global impact of the Silver Economy. Agenda will be published shortly.

Event Themes of the Silver Economy Forum:

Changing the Image of Ageing
Seniors today expect more and are capable of doing more than ever before, but images and attitudes are slow to evolve.

Healthy Ageing
Longevity requires a new focus on health, diseases and conditions of ageing, and best practices in prevention and care to drive a more active and productive ageing that brings benefits to societies and economies.

Policy Responses for Enabling Successful Longevity
The Silver Economy provides an umbrella for all policies – from social and health to urban planning and financial – to take the longevity of people and the ageing of societies into account.

The Impact of AI and Technology
Innovative technology is answering the call for products and services that focus on wellbeing and care – where does this progress go from here?

Future of Caregiving
Caregiving is a cross generational issue with an immense impact for individuals, families and governments in the future. How can social, technical, policy and business innovations for seniors improve the lives of care recipients and caregivers alike?

Social Innovations for Care
Solving for systemic social issues that support social progress and inclusion – including those solutions that involve intersectoral collaboration and funding for healthy ageing programs.

The Opportunities for Government and Business to Collaborate Within the Aging Market
With $15 Trillion at stake, what is your company’s and government’s ageing strategy?

The Future of Work and the New Social Contract
Can retirement be adjusted, and can people keep working? What are the challenges and benefits to this radical transformation for governments and businesses?