Christoffer Forssell

Christoffer Forssell is a Localization and Accessibility expert and currently Heads the
Localization, Translation and Accessibility services at the Finnish Public Broadcasting
Company Yle. He has been working in the broadcasting media for over 15 years, with a
background in the music industry. More recently, Christoffer has focused on improving and
developing Yle’s accessibility services as well as looking for new ways to better serve Yle’s
minority audiences. He is the founder and chairman of Yle’s Accessibility Experts Group and
the “Yle Council”, consisting of Yle customers with disabilities.

Christoffer is also involved in several projects researching how to utilize speech technology
and automated audiovisual analysis in different segments of the media industry. He is skilled
in broadcasting and VOD process development as well as agile leadership methods.