Ninie Yan Wang

In 2004, Ninie founded Pinetree Care Group, focusing on innovation and talent development in the home healthcare services space. She is a Standing Committee Member of the China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Ninie has published papers on the restorative, integrated care service model and has helped draft senior care industry standards and policy papers in China. Ninie is a member of WHO Clinical Consortium on Healthy Ageing and World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Health and Healthcare. She has a BA Econ. from UIBE, China, MBA from INSEAD, and is a student of Johns Hopkins-Tsinghua University joint DrPH program. Her roles also included WEF Young Global Leader (2013-2018), China Fellow of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (since 2016) and the first France-China Young Leaders Program (2013).