Sinikka Salo

Dr Sinikka Salo, Ph.D. DDS, Specialist in Telemedice and eHealth, Leader of Change, Permanent Secretary`s Cabinet, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health , Finnish Government

Dr. Salo serves as the Leader of Change at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Her mission is to enhance implementation of the national health growth strategy and health ecosystems as well as international co-operation. Dr. Salo is supporting Finnish EU-presidency 2019 and several events related to that. Dr. Salo was serving as the Leader of Change for the national reform of health and social services during 2016-2019. Previously Dr. Salo has lead international missions in Japan and Kosovo. Dr. Salo has also served as the Deputy Mayor of City of Oulu, Chief Dental Officer at City of Kemi and researcher at the University of Oulu. Dr Salo is a sought-after lecturer both in Finland and abroad, and she has published more than 70 scientific or popular articles.